Finishing Through the Middle East

I’ve decided, unfortunately, not to continue with this blog. My reasons are contrainsts on my time, the sheer amount of information out there and that what is hopefully going to be my new employment is not relevant to this blog.

I’m yet to take a decision about the Christie Communiques, my other blog, but will do soon.

It’s been fun – the reasons for setting up were two fold: firstly as a project for my course, and secondly because my commenting and highlighting on Middle East issues was quite difference from much of that I wrote about on my blog. Focusing more on development at first, topics generally revolving around the media and democracy and dominated.

But have a look at the blogroll and links – it’s just a snippet of what’s out there. The internet allows, at least, those in the Middle East and beyond to debate, comment and highlight their own issues. There’s so much out there.

Signing off,



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