New ‘Tawasul’ network to be launched for young Syrian journalists

From the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) and Knight International Journalism Fellowships:

“Zaina Erhaim, a 24-year-old reporter for the Syria News Web site, has received a laptop as a prize for suggesting the name of a new online network for young Syrian journalists.

The winning name: Tawasul, an Arabic word that loosely translates as “staying in touch.Journalists who join the network will be encouraged to contribute to a Web site that hosts radio, print and television stories, as well as caricatures and short, animated films. The network also will offer professional training, seminars and workshops.”

There’s no date on the article so I don’t know when it was launched, but projects like these, however small their launch to start with, all have the potential to add to the rich and growing network of young, innovative of journalists in the Middle East. With any luck, these devolved networks will be more inclined to cover aspects of development in the region than top-down, pan-Arab satellite networks.


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